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Take Your Son or Daughter to Work Day!

Date of Take Your Son or Daughter to Work Day: Fourth Thursday of April

Acting on research that showed adolescent girls received less attention than boys, this day was initiated in 1993 by the Ms. Foundation for Women. The intention was to give girls additional direct attention and an insight into work world opportunities available to them. It was to serve the multiple purpose of increased self esteem for young girls as well as give them some ideas of the wealth of careers in the world. Thirdly, it allowed them more one-on-one time with mom or dad.

It quickly took off and became extremely popular. Girls would go off to work with mom or dad, or even an aunt or uncle. They would spend the day seeing just what their sponsors job involved. It was limited only by the practicality of allowing a youthful, non-employee in a particular job environment. It works well in office environments, but proves impractical in many blue collar jobs, or where safety can be an issue.

It 's popularity quickly sparked interest by the boys, who soon felt left out and were required to go to school for the day, while the girls "got the day off". As a result, the day has turned into "Take Your Son or Daughter to Work Day" in many areas. While this takes away from the original intent to give more attention to adolescent girls, it has become a valuable and popular career day opportunity for girls and boys alike.


Happy Administrative Professionals Day!

This April 23, a day after Earth Day, is Administrative Professionals Day which is celebrated across the country, or so it seems on Twitter. 

E Online posted a list of all-time on-screen assistants for people to marvel at.

According to Date and Time, Administrative Professionals Day is on the Wednesday of Administrative Professionals Week, which is the last full week of April. 

During the day, employers or supervisors arrange events or show appreciation for the work carried out by professional assistants in their work place. This is a time to say “thank you.”

The history of the day dates back to World War II when there was an increased need for administrative professionals. Thus the formation of the National Secretaries Association followed which later became International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP). 

In 1952, the United States Department of commerce and various office supply and equipment companies celebrated National Secretaries Week hosted by the IAAP. The Wednesday of the week was coined as National Secretaries Day.

“As the organization gained international recognition, the events became known as Professional Secretaries Week and Professional Secretaries Day. In 2000, IAAP announced that names of the week and the day were changed to Administrative Professionals Week and Administrative Professionals Day to keep pace with changing job titles and expanding responsibilities of the modern administrative workforce,” wrote the website. 


Administrative Professionals Day is observed by many different work environments to this day. 


Millennial Spending: Incentives for a New Generation



by Paul Gordon
Vice President of Sales
Rymax Marketing Services, Inc.

Employee incentive and recognition programs show a promising future for all employees, especially among those in the 18- 33 range. This group is commonly known as Millennials.

By 2025, Millennials will make up 75% of the workforce. This has forced employers to look for new and unique ways to retain their top young talent so they can grow and develop within the company, making them fully immersed and proficient by the time they reach senior level positions.

Living in the now

Millennials possess an entirely new way of communicating with each other than past generations. Technology has given them a special gift: living in the now. On average 18-33 year olds each send out 3,853 texts a month and as a whole, they upload 72 hours worth of videos to YouTube every minute, share 3,600 photos on Instagram and attain 2 million hits on Google. The culture they experience through technology is organically influencing them in the workplace.

Point system recognition programs show the highest level of success with Millennials. Organizations that want to recognize their Millennial employees must remember that these employees want not only the recognition but also the ability to choose their reward.  Recognition programs need to include several forms of awards due to the simple fact that what is recognition for one employee will not necessarily be the same for every employee across the board.


Millennial success

Within point based programs, employees are rewarded with points based on a variety of different factors determined by the specifics of a company’s program. This can be peer to peer or spot recognition and/or C level execs and management rewarding their team of employees. These points are then redeemed for goods. The success factor of the program is based on the ability to strategically place popular brands and goods that are enticing to Millennials in the rewards program. Do Millennials want cookware? Figurines? No, they want the hottest new electronics devices and luxury products from brands such as Mophie, Skullcandy, Roku, Versace, Furla and Nadri. Think tablets, headphones, designer jewelry and handbags. When shopping around for a loyalty marketing organization to partner with, be sure to request a list of brands they offer so you can better entice your Millennial employees.

Millennials possess a whole new outlook on the culture of the workplace. Rewards and social recognition programs are proven methods that can drive employee engagement. These programs must change to keep up with new times and new attitudes. Treat employees as the customers they are, approach them with the same strategic plan as you would customers whose loyalty you want to gain and retain.

*This article originally ran in USA Today's Loyalty and Rewards supplement from 3/28/14. The active MediaPlanet site can be accessed here.


Space Really is Limitless

Welcome to Fresh Product Tuesday. This week, we’re introducing the world’s first battery case with built-in storage for the Apple® iPhone 5/5S.

Promising “the power to save everything,” the mophie® space pack boasts a fully rechargeable design with extra storage for all your mobile needs. Up to 32GB of additional storage is available in this particular model, which means up to 16,000 extra photos, 14 hours of extra video and more than 9,000 extra songs. Added battery life is available with a flip of the switch—not with the need to stop at an outlet. Up to 100% additional battery is available, allowing for 8 extra hours of playback. For the protection that still matters, the case is highlighted by a lightweight, durable design that won’t fall victim to the ordinary bumps and bruises a phone faces.

Contact Rymax for more information and start getting more out of your iPhone® today.



Earth Day is for Everyone

First observed in 1970 to demonstrate support for environmental protection, Earth Day has evolved into something much more important and celebrated from continent to continent. According to Earth Day International, more than 192 countries actively participate in annual festivities. While some actions should certainly be taken year-round, there’s always a special sort of buzz to events that fall on today. With that being said, it’s not difficult to find earth-conscious groups and media outlets that have assembled examples of events which everyone can attend. (See USA Today’s list here and more information from the United States Environmental Protection Agency here).

The research has proven that each of these movements carry serious significance. The planet we live on is one of our greatest assets yet somehow one of the easiest aspects of life to take for granted. If we fail to be good stewards of the environment, the ravages of a changing climate become more manifest every day.

At Rymax, we support any measure that’s taken to help raise environmental awareness. The same can be said for two particular brands we carry, Gaiam and Wusthof. The former has long specialized in supporting “green” products, even going so far as to have a portion of their website dedicated to highlighting earth-conscious cleaning supplies, kitchen supplies and energy-saving ideas.  They also lead the way in green packaging, citing that “ugly boxes save trees.”

The German cutlery brand Wusthof claims that their production facilities halfway across the world in Solingen are “amongst the most modern in the world and can therefore guarantee environmentally-friendly production processes.” In painstakingly manufacturing thousands of alloyed steel knives, the company recognizes that the vast quantities of air and water used during production leave the plant uncontaminated thanks to an impressive filter system. Without it, the potential for harmful emissions and other dangerous gases is increased exponentially.

These two brands aren’t the only ones earnest in their attempts to protect the planet, it’s just a small sampling. Contact Rymax today for more information and see what you can do to help increase awareness foster a clean, healthy living environment for the entire population.


Ferragamo Timepiece's New Buckle Collection

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